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Working With David Corenswet: A Fascinating Journey

David Corenswet headshot by horacio marquinez

I am beyond thrilled to share my experiences of working as Director of Photography with the awe-inspiring actor David Corenswet on the movie ‘Affairs of State’. Moreover, I also had the privilege of shooting his portraits. The journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. 

The 'Affairs of State' Experience

My journey with David began on the set of ‘Affairs of State’. The first time I encountered him, I was struck by his charm and dedication. Throughout the making of the film, David exhibited an impressive commitment to his craft. His performance was a testament to his talent and hard work, and he brought an incredible energy to every scene. Working with him as a DP was a great learning experience for me, and his professionalism is something I will always admire.

Here are some of my favorite stills of David on the set:

I really enjoyed playing with different lighting and angles that highlighted his character and expression. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly suggest it. I collaborated with my good friend, Eric Bross, who directed the film.

We even did a commentary on Affairs of State on YouTube.

David Corenswet in Portraits

After ‘Affairs of State’, I had the immense pleasure of making David’s dynamic personality come to life in my portraits. From his thoughtful expressions to his captivating smiles, every frame echoed his charisma. His ease in front of the camera made my job effortless. The portraits were not just photographs, but a story of who David is – a passionate actor with a heart of gold.

His energy and enthusiasm were infectious. Take a look and see for yourself:

Celebrating David's New Role As The New Man Of Steel

Last month, David secured the iconic role of Superman. In my heart, I know that he is the perfect choice for this role. His dedication to his craft, his charm, and his ability to connect with the audience make him an ideal Superman. I am confident that he will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to this beloved character, just as he did in ‘Affairs of State’.

David, I am overjoyed for you and cannot wait to see you soar high as Superman. Just as you have left an indelible imprint on the characters you’ve played in the past, I have no doubt you will breathe new life into the Man of Steel.

Congratulations once again, David! Here’s to more incredible performances and portraits in the future.

horacio marquinez with david corenswet private photo shoot
In closing, I want to say that working with David Corenswet has been one of the most enriching experiences of my career. His talent and dedication are truly inspiring, and I am excited to see where his journey takes him next. For more of my work, take a look at my photography page. You can also take a look at my work as a cinematographer to view some of the greatest films of all times. I’ve worked with many great actors and actresses as well as directors and teams to bring ideas and concepts to life. Business inquiries: