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My bookAmerica Unfiltered: Portraits of A Nationfeatures over 100 of my favorite photographs from our documentary film and my upcoming gallery exhibition.



At the height of the pandemic, cinematographer, Horacio Marquínez, and film editor, Kirill Myltsev, traveled across the United States to uncover an unfiltered, unflinching portrait of America. Arising from a series of raw and emotional encounters touching on topics from politics and race to love and immigration, America Unfiltered paints an unvarnished vision of our shared humanity. Coming soon

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Photo Gallery

The Chain


In this action-packed thriller pilot, cinematographer, Horacio Marquínez captures uses vibrant colors to relay a plot with never-ending terror in this fast paced Proof-of-Concept

Affairs of State


Cinematographer Horacio Marquínez joins director Eric Bross on the set of AFFAIRS OF STATE to capture a secret and scandalous love affair between young campaign aide Michael Lawson and the presidential candidate’s wife and daughter. Starring Adrian Grenier and Mimi Rogers, ‘Affairs of State’ received national attention after being featured on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show about the political turmoil that the film portrays. In Maddow’s words, “…life imitating art” and “…Public Affairs, indeed

World’s Greatest Dad


Starring Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwait’s outrageously-entertaining, World’s Greatest Dad received critical acclaim at Sundance. The film sharply merges the director’s toxic and hilarious concepts with the brittle sentimentality of Williams in film filled with disquieting and unpredictable comedy. Cinematographer Horacio Marquínez received high praise for tailoring the lighting in the film to match Goldthwait’s vision for this satirical black comedy-drama



As if prison wasn’t a dangerous enough place, try adding a twelve foot tall robot guard rampaging through the halls. Sounds insane, right? ‘Goliath is a short film based on an original concept by filmmaker Eric Bross and his brothers, Jonathan and Scott Bross. Director of Photography, Horacio Marquínez succeeds at his intention of creating a dark Utopian sci-fi feel to the film

A Country Christmas Story


Director Eric Bross worked side by side with Director of Photography Horacio Marquínez in A Country Christmas Story, starring Dolly Parton. In the film, a young girl from Appalachian mountains is trying to pursue her dream of becoming a country star against the wishes of her mother. Her journey to the stage at Dollywood with a singing competition hosted by Parton reunites her with her musician father and uncovers the legacy of African Americans in the world of country music. Understanding delicate dynamics, Horacio played with rich colors and textures that engendered feelings of hope and optimism

Cásese Quien Pueda


Horacio Marquínez joins film director Marco Polo Constandse in CÁSESE QUIEN PUEDA (Get Married If You Can) to use his artistic vision to embellish Constandse’s concept for this romantic comedy starring Marta Higareda. Horacio Marquínez’s intuition about locations to set the right mood and his use of both natural and produced light created a unique approach and style to this fun romp



Cinematographer Horacio Marquínez joins director Michael Grossman to elevate the visual effects of this teen musical drama STARSTRUCK. Horacio’s framing and lighting eloquently captured Grossman’s concept, giving Starstruck two award nominations: People’s Choice Award and Directors Guild of America Award

We Have Your Husband


Horacio Marquínez joins the set of WE HAVE YOUR HUSBAND capturing American-born Jayne (Tery Polo), her husband Eduardo (the son of a legendary Mexican newspaper publisher)played by Esai Morales, and their two children who live an idyllic life on their 1,000 acre ranch in a peaceful Mexican town. But their peaceful life is turned into a real-life nightmare when Eduardo is ambushed and kidnapped by strangers. Here, Horacio brought out color and texture in remote desert locations to create a rawness and sense of vulnerability in the characters

Noble Things


Directors Dan McMellen and Brett Moses work side by side with Horacio Marquínez as director of photography in NOBEL THINGS. Staring country music star Lee Ann Womack and special appearance by Tracy Byrd. Horacio uses his artistic vision to capture a story of love, loyalty, and secrets as main character Jimmy Wayne Collins finds himself adrift in Memphis, Tennessee. Forced to return home to the piney woods of Southeast Texas, Jimmy will face his imprisoned brother, his dying father, and the demons he left behind

Absolute ELYX


In this commercial, Horacio Marquínez created a visual celebration for ABSOLUT ELYX, a luxury vodka built on the principles of quality, integrity, and craftsmanship. Here, you’ll recognize Horacio’s camera artistry as he highlights Absolut Elyx as the perfect addition to your next party

T Mobile


Cinematographer Horacio Marquínez works his creative magic in this T-MOBILE commercial to elevate their brand’s message “No signal goes farther or is more reliable.”


Horacio Marquínez, Director of Photography, has made over 40 full length films across the globe, including features, TV movies, and documentaries. Born and raised in Panama, he made his way to NYC obtaining his MFA from Columbia University Film School.

Most recently, Horacio directed and filmed, America Unfiltered, a cross country docuseries and VR exhibition made during the pandemic. Currently in post-production, the film captures raw and emotional stories about how it feels to live in America today –

focusing on topics ranging from politics to race to immigration to love. Other, recent films include Rome in Love shot in locationand the political thriller Affairs of State, staring Adrian Grenier. Horacio also made three back-to-back features in Mexico, including Cásese Quien Pueda with Mexican star Martha Higareda. His other films include World’s Greatest Dad, a dark comedy starring the late Robin Williams, which premiered at Sundance with critical acclaim. He also filmed Starstruck for Disney, and Dummy, starring Adrien Brody and Mila Jovovich. He is a long-time collaborator with Director Eric Bross with whom he has shot ten films, including Ten Benny, Restaurant, and A Country Christmas Story starring Dolly Parton. Horacio is currently in pre-production for another American thriller.

Horacio also is an acclaimed still photographer capturing life around the world, including most recently at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. He splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City.