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Horacio Marquinez has been praised for his camera skills and attention to detail on many of the films he has worked on over the years. Horacio’s cinematography style continues to be recognized by movie critics around the world. These testimonials prove his camera skills as a cinematographer are one of a kind.

Ten Benny a film directed by Eric Bross and shot by director of photography Horacio Marquinez

Ten Benny (Nothing to Lose)

Worlds Greatest Dad Cinematography By Horacio Marquinez

World's Greatest Dad

Restaurant a film shot by director of photography Horacio Marquinez


“Special kudos go to Horacio Marquinez’s whizzing cameras which make almost every image vivid and charged with tension.” – Emmanuel Levy, Variety

“World’s Greatest Dad is beautifully shot, almost to the point of slickness. But that slickness helps sell the darkness of the comedy, and it makes the transgressions feel all the more extreme.”
Devin Faraci, Sundance Film Festival

A sense of life and work in the eponymous establishment is convincingly conveyed. Horacio Marquinez’s lensing is both agile and pleasingly composed, and tech aspects are all impressive for an indie production.- Todd McCarthy, Variety

G filmed by Horacio Marquinez


Dummy, a film shot by cinematographer Horacio Marquinez


interstate 84 shot by cinematographer horacio marquinez

Interstate 84

“Bill Conti’s solemn score and Horacio Marquinez’s sun-washed widescreen lensing – are a great leap past director’s micro-budget debut.”
– Scott Foundas, Variety

“The film’s got a bright nice pop candy look thanks to cinematographer Horacio Marquínez” – Drew Mcweeny, Hitfix

Horacio Marquinez’s powerful images provide some visual pleasure – Emmanuel Levy, Variety