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 Cinematographer Horacio Marquinez

As of 2023, Horacio Marquinez has made over 40 full length films across the globe, including feature films and TV movies, receiving highest praise for his cinematography skills.

His most recent filmography projects include Rome in Love and the political thriller Affairs of State, starring Adrian Grenier. He has also worked with Mexican star and producer Martha Higareda on the set of Cásese Quien Pueda (“Get Married If You Can”). 

Other notable films Horacio has been recognized for include World’s Greatest Dad, a dark comedy starring the late Robin Williams, which premiered at Sundance to critical acclaim. He also filmed Starstruck for Disney, and Dummy, starring Adrien Brody and Mila Jovovich.

A long-time collaborator with Director Eric Bross  the 2 have collaborated in over a dozen films, including Ten Benny, starring Adrian Brody,  Restaurant, starring Adrian Brody and Malcolm Jamal Warner,  and A Country Christmas Story starring Dolly Parton. He is currently in pre-production for another American thriller,  America’s Favorite.

Below is his most recent filmography projects. Also check out Horacio Marquinez’s IMDb for more information on the projects he has worked on.

Horacio Marquinez and his recent filmography as lead cinematographer


AFFAIRS OF STATE (American Film Prds, Prod: Stephen Israel, Dir: Eric Bross)
CASESE QUIEN PUEDA (Selva Pictures/Sin Sentido Films, Prod: Alejandra Cardenas, Dir: Marco Polo-Constance)
FACHON MODELS (Balero Films, Prod: Rodrigo Trujillo, Dir: Rafael Montero)
MALAVENTURA (Balero Films / Iron Age Pic, Prod: Rodrigo Trujillo, Dir: Carlos Rincones)
WORLD’S GREATEST DAD (Magnolia Pictures, Prod: Howard Gertler, Dir: Bob Goldthwait)
VACANCY 2: THE FIRST CUT (Screen Gems, Prod: Hal Lieberman, Dir: Eric Bross)
NOBLE THINGS (Lave Box Entertainment, Prod: Ruben Neubauer Dir: Dan McMellen)
G (Andrew Lauren Productions, Prod: Andrew Lauren, Dir: Chistopher Cherot)
THE WAR BOYS (The Group Entertainment, Prod: Gill Holland, Dir: Ron Daniels)
DUMMY (Quadrant Entertainment, Prod: Richard Temtchin, Dir: Gregg Prikitin)
CIELITO LINDO (Alcondez Prod. Prod: Alejandro Alcon Dir: Rodrigo Patiño)
ANYTHING BUT LOVE (Intrinsic Value, Prod: Amiee Schoof, Dir: Robert Cary)
CRAZY FOR LOVE (Full Glass Films Prod: G Mac Brown Dir: Michael Parness)
NOLA (Archer Entertainment, Prod: Jill Footlick, Dir: Alan Hruska)
WOLVES OF WALL STREET (Regent Production, Prod: Robert Friedman, Dir: David DeCoteau)
LOVING JEZEBEL (Lancaster Prods, Prod: David Lancaster, Dir: Kwyn Bader)
RESTAURANT (Palisades Pictures Prod: H.M. Coakley, Shana Stein Dir: Eric Bross)
STRANGER THAN FICTION (Bergman Lustig Productions, Prod: Ram Bergman, Dana Lustig, Dir: Eric Bross)
GOOSED (Look Here Pictures, Prod: Francis Ford Coppola, Dir: Aleta Chappelle)
TEN BENNY (Palisades Pictures, Prod: H.M. Coakley, Dir: Eric Bross)
IN THE WEEDS (Glatzer Prods, Prod: Peter Glatzer, Dir: Michael Rauch)
HELL’S KITCHEN (Prod: Peter Noel Duhamel, Dir: Peter Noel Duhamel)
INTERSTATE 84 (Trigger Street, Prod: Kevin Spacey, Dir: Ross Partidge)
IN THE EYE OF THE STORM (Fred Berner Films, Prod: Fred Berner, Dir: Marcus Spiegel)


ROME IN LOVE (Hallmark)
A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS STORY (Silverscreen /Lifetime, Prod: Lizzie Friedman, Dir: Eric Bross)
WE HAVE YOUR HUSBAND (Lifetime, Prod: Jean Abounader, Dir: Eric Bross)
STAR STRUCK (Disney Channel Prod: Jayne Bieber, Doug Sloan Dir: Michael Grossman)
JOHNNY KAPAHALA: BACK ON BOARD (Disney Channel, Prod: Doug Sloan, Dir: Eric Bross)
VAMPIRE BATS (Sony/CBS, Prod: Frank Von Zerneck, Dir: Eric Bross)
MARTHA BEHIND BARS (Paramount/CBS, Prod: Tom Patricia and Siracusa, Dir: Eric Bross)
THE CHIPPENDALES MURDER (USA, Prod: Jennifer Alward, Dir: Eric Bross)

Work With Cinematographe Horacio Marquinez On Your Next Film Project!

Horacio Marquinez has received praise for his camera skills as a director of photography in motion pictures as well as in still portraits. Interested in working with cinematographer Horacio Marquinez on a new feature movie, documentary or television movie? Contact him directly at for new project offers and collaborations.