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Cinematographer Horacio Marquinez 

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Articles, events, film reviews and features of cinematographer Horacio Marquinez in the press for his accomplishments in his career in both Hollywood and as a still photographer

Horacio Marquinez visited a church during Christmas 2020 to participate in their holiday festivities while filming America Unfiltered


When Horacio and Kirill came into Haleyville that first Christmas of the pandemic, they were ready for — even braced for — any kind of reception from this small community in the deep south. They didn’t come with expectations instead with curiosity about what Christmas looked like locally and hope to take part in some celebration.

Portraits of a nation by cinematographer Horacio Marquinez at the capitol during the January 6 insurrection

Portraits from the Capitol steps: January 6, 2021

When an insurrection invaded the Capitol on January 6, filmmaker Horacio Marquínez was there. He and fellow filmmaker, Kirill Mylstev, were in the midst of filming their project, America Unfiltered, a documentary in the form of a road trip they took across the country last year to get to know people who lived across America during the pandemic.

Trailer For Movie Film World's Greatest Dad By Cinematographer Horacio Marquinez

World’s Greatest Dad — Film Review

Highest praise goes to cinematographer Horacio Marquinez, whose dim lighting manages to obscure many of “Dad’s” home scenes.

Children featured in Rainbow Day Camp movie directed and filmed by cinematographer Horacio Marquinez

Rainbow Day Camp Event - Directed By Horacio Marquinez

RAINBOW DAY CAMP tells the story of this camp and families with kids that identify with the opposite gender at very young ages.

Cinematographer Horacio Marquinez In The Press for his accomplishments over the past 25+ years

The Panamanian who films in Hollywood

Horacio Marquínez is a Panamanian filmmaker who left the country in 1989 in search of better opportunities. In the past 25+ years, he has worked in 48 film and television productions on five continents.

Horacio Marquinez featured on New Haven Register

3 New Haven artists win national funding awards

Kaphar is working with cinematographer Horacio Marquinez to create a cinematic collage, attempting to highlight both the similarities and distinctions of the Jerome narrative.

Photographer Horacio Marquinez featured on I love New Haven

Photographers Capturing Beauty in Wooster Square - Horacio Marquinez, Guest Photographer

Wooster Square's cherry trees are starting blossom and Horacio Marquinez is freezing time with his camera to capture people experiencing the start of Spring fever

Horacio Marquinez doing a workshop on cinematography in Panama

Horacio Marquínez, Frank Spano and others will offer film workshops

Cinematographer Horacio Marquinez and other film directors and actors join the second comprehensive DICINE workshop, convened by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.