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America Unfiltered: Reel From The Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection

Portraits of a nation by cinematographer Horacio Marquinez at the capitol during the January 6 insurrection

In a recent post on Instagram, I shared a reel highlighting the events that occurred during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

“After 5 months of being on the road and filming my documentary called “America Unfiltered”, Kirill and I had spent some time documenting the rallies from both political parties amidst election day in Jacksonville, Florida and then in Atlanta during the final voting counts.

During this time, Kirill and I heard rumors of people going to the capitol to protest on January 6th. Because of the turning point of the election, we knew that we needed to make it to DC to document the events to come.

We drove 12 hours straight and arrived in DC on January 5th. What happened next was a mix of emotions and terror. We had walked from the Lincoln Memorial to the steps of the capitol, where people were rioting. At one point, we heard rumors of people getting killed, which caused an uproar among the protesters.

The military had thrown gas at all of us. But after several hours, they cleared the steps where people pushed through.

It was a site I will never forget. I was constantly keeping an eye out for some kind of escape route because I feared that an avalanche of people would overpower me. Thankfully, that did not happen.

Many of you have seen photos and videos on the internet from that day. But these images through my camera lens tell a story that will forever be imprinted in my mind.”

America Unfiltered: Portraits of A Nation Is Coming Soon

Arising from a series of raw and emotional encounters touching on topics from politics and race to love and immigration, America Unfiltered paints an unvarnished vision of our shared humanity. 

On my detailed page, you can view the journey Kirill and I took across the United States to film this documentary. Our galley showcases searing, unpolished black and white portraits and intimate conversations of people across the United States

America Unfiltered: Portraits Of A Nation is a documentary series soon to be available to the public. For more information on purchasing the series, please contact