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  • “Special kudos go to Horacio Marquinez’s whizzing cameras which make almost every image vivid and charged with tension”


    Emmanuel Levy, Variety


  • World’s Greatest Dad is beautifully shot, almost to the point of slickness. But that slickness helps sell the darkness of the comedy, and it makes the transgressions feel all the more extreme.


    Devin Faraci, Sundance Film Festival


  • “Marquinez’s handsome ciaroscuro cinematography favors the oscuro as well it might in a tragicomedy about the depths of a conflicted lover’s soul”


    Morganstern, The Wall Street Journal


  • “Horacio Marquinez’s lensing is both agile and pleasingly composed”


    Todd McCarthy, Variety


  • “Horacio Marquinez’s powerful images provide visual pleasure”


    Emmanuel Levy, Variety


  • “The film’s got a bright nice pop candy look thanks to cinematographer Horacio Marquínez”


    Drew Mcweeny, Hitfix


  • “Fairy tale has the polished look of a far more expensive film, from Horacio Marquinez's vividly rich cinematography.”


    Maitland McDonagh, TV Guide


  • “Bill Conti's solemn score and Horacio Marquinez's sun-washed widescreen lensing – are a great leap past director's micro-budget debut”


    Scott Foundas, Variety







Horacio Marquinez has shot over 30 narrative projects including feature films, TV movies and many documentaries across the globe. Originally from Panama, he moved to New York City to study filmmaking at Columbia University, where he received his MFA. He shot the critically acclaimed film, "World's Greatest Dad," starring Robin Williams. Horacio's latest film, "Casese Quien Pueda" (2014), has become the third highest-grossing film of all time in Mexican cinema.

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